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Alumni Reflections


RMMS, the first regional elementary magnet school in the nation, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.  

In testament to the school’s mission of

  • respecting cultural diversity

  • empowering all learners and

  • developing compassionate people who take responsibility for making positive changes in society

the alumni in the following interviews reflect on how RMMS helped to shape who they are today.  Please click on the names to view their video;

Ben and Carly Buehler

The Cipparones

Danny Goldstein

Rachel DiSaia

Eric Sargent

Frank Colmenares

Jackie and Stephanie Jaskiewicz

Jackie and Stephanie Jaskiewicz en español

Jasmin Cox

Kat Buckingham

Kiera McCarthy

Mari, Tommy and Hunter Kodama-Historical Perspective

Mari, Tommy and Hunter Kodama-Multiculturalism



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