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Richard Virgin SCHOLARSHIP

Scholarship Guidelines

Upon retirement, a scholarship was created in Richard Virgin’s (Mr. Spin’s) name to honor his years of service as founding Director of RMMS.

The scholarship award of up to $1,000 is for one year and can be used for a two or four year college program leading to a degree, or a certification program resulting in a state license.   Applications are reviewed by committee and scholarships are given each spring to selected outstanding RMMS alum students who apply and meet the criteria.  As funding allows, multiple awards may  be granted.

Re-application may be made for a second year (see guidelines below).  The scholarship application may be downloaded below.

Recipients will be notified by May 1st.  Every attempt will be made to make personal presentations of awards at the RMMS Moving On Ceremony

Please be thorough on your application.  Time and effort are recognized. The following criteria is carefully reviewed by the committee and must be met:

1.  The student must have graduated from RMMS and attended RMMS for a minimum of three years.

2.  Students attending public and private schools will be eligible to receive the awards.

3.  In order to apply for the award students must:

  • Be in their senior year of high school and graduating (unless reapplying for a second year)
  • Supply a copy of their high school transcript
  • Provide two letters of recommendation; one must be from a high school teacher
  • Complete the application form available on the RMMS Foundation website
  • Provide evidence of community service
  •  Provide information regarding leadership roles they have taken
  •  Complete the essay question regarding the impact of RMMS on their lives

4.  Applications and all accompanying documentation must be received no later than April 15th either:

  • in the Foundation’s mailbox at RMMS or
  • by mail to the Foundation c/o Richard Virgin Scholarship, P. O. Box 1306 New London, CT 06320 or
  • sent electronically to Richard Virgin: cardinalman1964@gmail.com.

5.  Students may apply for a second year of the award.  The maximum length of the total award would be for two years.  Awards for the second year will be given at the discretion of the awards committee and based on the availability of funds.  Students who have received the award and wish to apply for second-year award consideration must provide:

  • Evidence of good standing within their program
  • A letter of recommendation from a counselor or director of the program being pursued
  • Official transcript of current course work
  • Letter documenting their progress toward their program goal

download application here

RSV Scholarship Application


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