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Regional Multicultural Magnet School Foundation

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Founded in 1991 and located in southeastern Connecticut, the Regional Multicultural Magnet School (RMMS) was the first national  kindergarten through fifth grade magnet school established in response to a need for desegregated, equal opportunity education.  It is located in the beautiful and historic city of New London.  A portion of the school is the restored Gothic style Bulkeley School for Boys founded in the 1880’s.  To learn more about the school, visit the RMMS website:


Students from southeastern Connecticut districts enter a lottery system to attend RMMS.  K through 5 students are immersed in an environment and curriculum that helps them appreciate cultural differences, celebrate the diversity and learn about the world’s global communities.

2016 found the school celebrating its 25th anniversary and becoming an International Baccalaureate Candidate School!

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To mark this significant milestone, a three-day conference was held on Race and Gender in Education.   Additionally, students and families attended both the Foundation supported annual Multicultural Dance Festival at St. Sophia’s and the MagnetPalooza music festival at The Hygienic Arts Park.

The anniversary celebration brought together dignitaries, the community and alums, as well as former and current RMMS families and staff.  To view videos and slide shows of anniversary events, and experience RMMS educational alumni reflections, click here.

The Foundation serves to support educational opportunities outside the regular school budget that help fulfill the school’s mission.  Assisted by the Foundation, RMMS creates ongoing opportunities for community and alumni gatherings, multicultural events and celebrations of learning and diversity.  Please come visit!   

The RMMS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the mission and programs of the school through fundraising and endowment.