…supporting the Regional Multicultural Magnet School


The RMMS Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of parents of former and current students, staff, community members, alumni and the RMMS Director (ex officio).

 2018-2019 Foundation Officers

President/Vice President – Yelena Bergman

Secretary – Katrina Loomis

Treasurer –  Nikki Short


Yelena Bergman – RMMS Office Manager, Alumni Parent

Susan Hafler – RMMS Staff and Parent

Katrina LoomisRMMS Alumni Parent

Abby O’Brien – RMMS Alumni Parent

Paulie Reed – RMMS Staff

Melissa Jones – RMMS Parent

Gloria Rich – Former RMMS Staff

Nikki Short – RMMS Parent

Christine Meenan – RMMS Parent

Nathaniel Lahti – RMMS alumnus

Dr. Susan Iwanicki – ex officio, RMMS Principal

Richard Virgin – ex officio, Former RMMS Founding Director, Endowment and Scholarship Committees

Sally Myers – ex officio, Former RMMS Interim Director, Teacher, Endowment Committee

Denice Feeley – ex officio, Parent, Former  Foundation Director and Endowment Committee



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